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Emil’s Little Sister

Astrid_ELS Emil’s Little Sister is the hardest Emil book to find in America, but I feel so lucky because I was able to read it thanks to Saltkråkan AB who sent me a copy.  I am so grateful!  Thank you, Saltkråkan folks!

This was a wonderful way to end my time with Emil.  I will always go back and revisit, but for now I am finished reading Emil.  This has been my favorite discovery of the whole Lindgren project — finding Emil.  I could read books about Emil forever.

This story features Emil’s sister Ida a little more than the other books, as would be expected with the title.  Its title in Swedish is Nar lilla skulla gora hyss  (1982) and it was translated by David Scott with pictures by the fabulous Bjorn Berg.  Bjorn Berg has done such a consistently great job with Emil’s family.

Ida is envious of Emil’s prowess with pranks and decides that she too wants to make a visit to the woodshed where Emil serves time after he gets into trouble.  Ida goes in search of trouble but has a hard time finding it like Emil.  And even when something is her fault, she doesn’t get blamed!

She and her brother have this funny interaction:

Then Ida’s face lit up like the sun.
“I think I’ve done something naughty,” she said.
“Yes.  You certainly have,” said Emil.
“And I didn’t know it till afterwards,” said Ida.  “What you said is right.  It just happens.”


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