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Lindgren’s Books in English

Note: This list is a work in progress and may contain some errors as it currently is.  This list was compiled using Wikipedia, Amazon, and AstridLindgren.se but arranged by me with my own research thrown in.  It is probably the most complete and accurate online list of English-translated Astrid Lindgren works.  (If a better one exists, I would LOVE to see it – please send me the link!)

  • The Wikipedia list contains a good start, but it is full of errors and omissions.
  • Update: this list is pretty valuable. (Update 2/18 — it no longer works… whoever made this list please make it come back!)
  • This other list is the most accurate of the three, but still not 100%.

My list ties together all of those lists with my own research regarding what I call Alternate titles, False titles, and Alternate editions:

  • Alt. titles are titles that have actually been printed and actually exist.  For example, The Day Adam Got Mad was also printed as Goran’s Great Escape.  If both books exist in English, I will list one as an alternate title – whichever title I didn’t read will become alternate whether it is more common or not.
  • False titles are titles that appear on online lists but are not real.  For example, Siva Lives on Kilimanjaro appears on the Wikipedia list and elsewhere, but its actual title was Sia, not Siva.  Siva exists only as a typo.
  • Alt. editions are books that cover a story that came from a longer Lindgren work.  For example, the book Emil and the Bad Tooth is a storybook, but the story itself comes from Emil and Piggy Beast, a longer chapter book. (I think.)
    • Some alternate titles that I list may very well be alternate editions, but I have a hard time tracking them down to know for sure.


Please contact me with any I may have missed.


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