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The Children of Noisy Village

Astrid_CONVUp until this point, I had only ever read the picture books about Noisy Village.  While this book has tremendous artwork by Ilon Wikland, it is a short-chapter book.  It was published in Sweden under Bullerby Boken in 1961 and translated by Florence Lamborn.  I discuss the Noisy Village series in overwhelming depth here.

We experience Noisy Village through the eyes (and all senses) of Lisa, our nine-year-old friend who narrates stories about the birthday when she got her own room, reading to Grandfather, running away with Anna, walking home from school and all the adventures had while doing so, Christmas, New Year, and Easter fun, the last day of school, crayfishing, and going shopping forgetfully.

Each chapter is very short and includes pictures, making this a great book for children just beginning to read chapter books or a great book for reading aloud.  The adventures that the Noisy Village children have prove that children don’t need screens or even toys to have fun.

I love this: As we were walking along, Britta took her book out of her schoolbag and smelled it.  She let all of us smell it.  New books smell so good that you can tell how much fun it’s going to be to read them.

I love this too: I think Britta and Anna went to sleep long before I did.  I lay awake and listened to the rustling of the forest.  There was just a little rustling, and small waves lapped against the shore very quietly.  It felt strange and all of a sudden I didn’t know whether I was happy or sad.  I lay there and tried to decide, but I couldn’t.  Perhaps you get a little funny from sleeping in the woods.

True that, Lisa.  True that.


Cherry Time at Bullerby

Cherry Time Astrid_CONV

It took me over two hours scattered over the course of several weeks, to track down proof that Cherry Time at Bullerby is actually The Children of Noisy Village.  Yep.  It is.  Cherry Time at Bullerby was originally published in Swedish under the title Bullerby Boken (1961).  This was originally published in English as The Children of Noisy Village and has been ever since except this brief foray into Cherry Timeness.  That explains that.