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Christmas in the Stable

Astrid_XITSChristmas in the Stable (Jul i Stallet 1961), was illustrated by Harald Wiberg in the version I read, though it appears there have been other illustrators.  The layout of the story is interesting, because it is a story of a mother telling her daughter a story about Christmas.  We never even learn the child’s name; in fact she barely appears in the story.  Lindgren has employed this story-within-a-story technique before (Ghost of Skinny Jack comes to mind), but it’s particularly well-done here.  Instead of being just another story about Christmas, it has become a story about someone telling a story about Christmas.

It is a very short and utterly inoffensive book.

Favorite line: “There was a Christmas long ago and far away,” she [the mother] said, but the child did not know about long ago and far away.  She knew only their own farm and a few yesterdays.