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Do You Know Pippi Longstocking?

Astrid_DYKPLDo You Know Pippi Longstocking? is a book I almost didn’t include in the all-Astrid read of 2015.  Of course it’s by Astrid Lindgren, but it’s a retelling of previous Pippi stories (translation by Elisabeth Kallick Dyssegaard).  There’s really no new material here.  But . . . it was published in 1947 under Kanner du Pippi Langstrump? and it’s a quick read, plus it’s listed on Astrid’s website, so whatever, here it is:

This is a picture book of Pippi’s adventures beginning with her moving into Villa Villekulla.  Ingrid Nyman’s artwork, which I did not rave about in Pippi Movies In! is so much more enjoyable here, because it’s not in comic-book format: each picture is large and detailed as opposed to tiny and squished like in Pippi Moves In!  Nyman did a great job of illustrating this book and capturing the rambunctiousness of Pippi.

The story starts with Tommy and Annika meeting Pippi and many of the classic stories that happen soon after: pancakes and cookie-baking, thing-finding, visiting the circus, wresting the strong man, etc.  Although the stories aren’t new to those who have read the novels, this would be a perfect way to introduce Pippi to younger readers.

Favorite line: Pippi can braid her hair and button her undershirt at the same time.  Not many people can do that.

…I don’t remember that sentence in any other Pippi book.  Perhaps it was there and I just missed it, but it’s a fun detail that I just loved.  Of course Pippi can do that.