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Eva Visits Noriko-San

Astrid_EVNS I was never happier about any Children of the World book.  This book, almost impossible to track down, was the best possible book to finish the series on.  It’s ridiculously cute.  The copy I have has 50% ripped pages, taped together and yellowed with age.  It’s original title was Eva moter Noriko-San, published in 1956.

Eva gets the news that she is going to visit Noriko-San all by herself (!).  Noriko-San gets ready for her, putting on a kimono and arranging a bunch of super-creepy dolls.  Eva comes and the two frolic about.  They switch outfits.  Finally Eva leaves.  From the plane window she waves with her hankie.  I giggled.

I don’t really understand why this is the most rare Astrid Lindgren book of all;  it’s cute, but this book seems like it has a following like no other book in the series.

You have to suspend your belief in reality a little for this book: Then all at once, the smallest cousin of all says, “Listen.  I hear an airplane.”  And that was really Eva’s plane.



Searching for Noriko-San

I could not find the Children of the World series book about Noriko-San anywhere.

Some journalist tracked down Eva and Noriko-San, but I couldn’t even track down their book!

There is not a single copy available on Amazon.  Not on the American Amazon, not on the British Amazon, not on the Canadian Amazon.  Not on AbeBooks.  Not anywhere.

There is one copy available through inter-library loan where I live.  But it is in Swedish, and they refuse to lend it out.  So . . . that’s a dead-end, twice over.

Thank goodness for Peter.  He was able to use his magical university powers to get a copy.  What would I have done without him?  Not read about Eva visiting Noriko-San, that’s for sure.

This is the single most rare book by Astrid Lindgren, at least in English.  Review coming tomorrow.