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Lilibet Circus Child

Astrid_LilibetLilibet, Circus Child (listed as simply Circus Child on some Lindgren websites) tells the story of young Lilibet who grows up in a circus (bet you didn’t see that one coming).  The original title was Lilibet Cirkusbarn and it was published in Sweden in 1960.  Translators for this series are unknown.

This book in the Children of the World series has perhaps the most compelling pictures from a kid’s point of view: many photos feature Lilibet or other children interacting with animals such as elephants and horses.  That’s way cooler than looking at Randi ski or Dirk being a jerk.

Knowing how Astrid Lindgren was an advocate for animal rights, it must have really irked her to write text for photos of chimpanzees and tigers in cages looking sad.  She gets her dig in: “Chimpanzees don’t like being in cages, and tigers don’t either.  If Leo had his way, he would let them go.  Tigers and monkeys should be in the jungle and not in circuses, he says.  He’s very clever sometimes, I think.”  Leo and Lilibet don’t see eye to eye on anything, but even Lilibet sides with him on this case.