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Lotta on Troublemaker Street

Astrid_LOTSLotta on Troublemaker Street was published in Swedish in 1962 under the title Lotta pa Brakmakargatan.   The translation was done by Gerry Bothmer with pictures by Julie Brinckloe.

This Lotta book is in that funny area between a picture book and a novel; it has chapters, but they are short and feature lots of quirky illustrations.  It would be a perfect book for those learning to read chapter books.

In this installment of the Lotta books, Lotta has a bad dream that she confuses with reality.  Angry at everyone, she moves out.  Living in Mrs. Berg’s shed is fun for awhile until it is dark and she makes peace with her family.  It’s funny to watch her family’s reaction to her moving out: they react perfectly, bringing a housewarming gift, talking about the delicious supper they’re about to have, and later playing in their yard where Lotta can see them out the window.

I’m such a huge fan of Bamsie Bear, so of course I enjoyed this description of him: Lotta’s Bamsie was a fat little pig that Mother had made of pink cloth and given to Lotta on her third birthday.  Bamsie had been clean and pink then, but now he was dirty and looked like a real little pig.  Even so, Lotta was convinced that Bamsie was really a bear and insisted on calling him Bamsie Bear.

“Ha, ha, it isn’t a bear, it’s a pig,” Jonas kept on saying.

“You’re just silly,” said Lotta.  [. . .] “He’s a piggly bear.”