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My Swedish Cousins

Astrid_MSCMy Swedish Cousins was originally Mina svenska kusiner (1959).  As with all books in this series so far, the translator remains a mystery.  Probably had to join the Swedish version of the witness protection program.

In this story, Bjorn (who lives with his grandmother in Dalarna) introduces and waits for a visit from his cousins.  His cousins conveniently live all around Sweden.  Maria and Anders live in Skane.  Gunnar lives in Norrland.  Sigrid lives on the west coast by the sea.  Johan and Eva live in Stockholm.  All these losers meet up once a year at Midsummer.  In the meantime, they write letters to Grandmother.  In those days, texting was called “letters.”  No fewer than 16 pages are spent on the story of the day Eva took her cat on a tour of Stockholm.  Gunnar, meanwhile, is a self-proclaimed hero for bringing his dad the lunch foolishly forgotten.  Let’s hope Granny has a wood stove to burn all this inane nonsense.  I even like nonsense!  But this book’s nonsense is so tedious that, quite honestly, I missed Randi and Dirk.

Finally Midsummer comes and Grandmother forces the kids to eat meatballs.  The kids stay up late and have a pillow fight and then go home to their sad, dull lives.

The best line of the book: You shouldn’t have cats in town, I thought.  And not sisters, either.