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Pippi Goes to the Circus

Astrid_PG2CPippi Goes to the Circus (1999) is another storybook version of a previously-told Pippi story.  This book “has been excerpted, with Astrid Lindgren’s assistance, from two chapters in Pippi Longstocking.”

It’s cool that Astrid was involved.  That’s why I bothered to read it, though it’s a story I know well.  If anyone else ever attempts a Lindgren Through-Read, I don’t think this book is a necessary component.

It’s a fun-enough version and, for those young readers unacquainted with Pippi, this should enthrall them and suck them into Pippi’s world.  The pictures are appealing and Michael Chesworth does a great job of illustrating motion and chaos.

Oh Pippi: Pippi leaned forward and took the horse’s right foot in her hand.  “Hello there,” she said, “My horse sent you his best wishes.  It’s his birthday today too, but has bows on his tail instead of on his head.”