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Pippi Longstocking in the Park

Astrid_PiPPippi Langstrump i Humlegarden was published in 1949 and illustrated by Ingrid Nyman, one of my favorite illustrators in picture-book (not comic-book) format.  This short story tells of the time Pippi, Tommy, and Annika moved to the city briefly to combat crime.  They don’t just move to the big city, they tear down Villa Villekulla and bring it with them.

“Do you have permission to build that?” asks a man when the trio are reassembling Pippi’s home.
“No,” said Pippi.  “But so far we’ve managed anyway.”

In pure Pippi fashion, she rids the neighborhood of bad guys, has a fabulous time, and is kind to children.  It’s a fun book with a cameo appearance by a gorilla.  Why was there a gorilla in the story?  There seemed to be no purpose whatsoever – which was probably the purpose.

Really.  A gorilla.