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Pippi Longstocking’s After-Christmas Party

Astrid_PLACPPippi har julgransplundring, published in 1950, was translated to English by Stephen Keeler and illustrated by Michael Chesworth.  It feels like a chapter’s worth of Pippi story from the novels, but is a stand-alone book.

In this story, Pippi throws a party for all the children of Villekulla.  She invites them all over to hang out in her igloo and eat sweets in true Pippi form.  She befriends a poor friendless boy named Elof and ends up adopting a dog named Perk.

They slide off the roof, dance around the tree, sing songs (“We three kings of Orient are, one on a bicycle, two in a car . . .”), and distribute gifts.  Pippi’s generosity towards fellow children is shown time and time again, especially in her interactions with Elof.

My favorite conversation: “Just think, Pippi,” said Tommy, “Now you’ve got a dog and a horse and a monkey at Villa Villekulla.”
“Yes.  All that’s missing now is a crocodile and a couple of small rattlesnakes,” said Pippi contentedly.