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Pippi’s Extraordinary Ordinary Day

Astrid_PEODPippi’s Extraordinary Ordinary Day is an excerpt from two chapters of the book Pippi Longstocking “with Astrid Lindgren’s assistance.”  It’s another book that I think isn’t necessary to read if one is simply trying to read all of Lindgren’s work, but it’s fun and the library had it.  Unlike Do You Know Pippi Longstocking? this book is not listed on Astrid’s official site (I think).

Many of the adventures are the same that have been rehashed now three or four times: scrubbing the floor with scrubbing shoes, Pippi lifting the bull, etc.

Honestly, for the stories, I’d skip the book, because I’ve already read them.  But for the illustrations it’s worth it.  Michael Chesworth has really grown on me.  Check out this fabulous picnic scene:
“What have you got in your basket?” asked Annika.  “Is it something good?”
“I wouldn’t tell you for a thousand dollars,” said Pippi.

Clearly, it was good.  I never get invited to picnics like this.