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Randi Lives in Norway

Astrid_RandiRandi Lives in Norway was originally Gerda Lives in Norway in the Swedish version (1965).  Why the need to change this name?  This might be worse than Rasmus/Eric.  I could ask the translator if a translator was listed, but of course, none is.

Anyway, once we get over the name change, if we can, Randi’s is a pleasant enough story about a little girl whose life revolves around cod and insulting her best friend Helga, who keeps hanging out with Randi because apparently she has no other choice.  Poor Helga.  Randi would rather run off with the cute but dull Reidar, leaving Helga to cry but to take Randi back as soon as Randi has cast off her latest conquest.  Randi is fickle but at least honest about her dark heart, such as when she tells Helga, “I was mean yesterday.”  Yeah, “Randi,” Helga noticed.

I guess this book teaches us that Norwegians are not to be trusted.

Favorite quote: This is Randi.  She lives in Lofoten in Norway.  That is perhaps why she looks so happy.