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Sia Lives on Kilimanjaro

Astrid_SiaThis book claims to be part of the “Children of the World” series.  Whew.  That is so much better than “Children’s Everywhere.”  No other book in the series so far has claimed “Children of the World,” but I am going to run with it.

Sia Lives on Kilimanjaro (originally Sia bor pa Kilimandjaro, 1958) is the story of a girl who lives wherever Kilimanjaro is in Africa.  (Yes, yes, I know where it is.  Do children?)

Sia lives in a sweet hut with her little sister Linga and little brothers Saika and Kitutu.  She has another brother, Sariko, who is older than her and doesn’t let her forget it.

One day her parents dress up and desert the children so they can go see the king.  They leave 8-year-old Sia to look after all the mess they’ve left behind.  No wonder she ditches the kids and takes off after her brother, who also wants to go see the king.

They walk past elephants and giraffes (seems legit) in order to hitch-hike into town.  Sariko lies and tells his sister that only boys are allowed to go.  Jerk.  Then why did her mom go?  Sia doesn’t fall for his crap.  She hitches into town too.

Then she marches up to the king.  Because security sucked in those days.  She tells him that her brother is full of crap, and the king says he will speak with him.  Burrrrrn.  Of course, Mum and Pop are bummed that their kids disobeyed all their orders and left all the little kids alone to fend for themselves among the wild animals.

“We will not be too cross, for they are small, and this has been an exciting adventure,” says their mother.  Right.  Because that’s totally how it would go down.

Honestly, reading these books isn’t bad.  It’s the trying to find anything good about them after reading them that is so tough.