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Bill Bergson Lives Dangerously

Astrid_BBLDBill Bergson Lives Dangerously (Masterdetektiven Blomqvist Lever Farligt, 1951), translated by Herbert Antoine, is the second book in the Bill Bergson trilogy.  It was the final Bill Bergson book I read and a bittersweet experience for me, because I really enjoyed this series.

Again, Bill and his best friends Anders and Eva-Lotta have grand adventures and get caught up in a mystery.  This book deals with a murder in a way that most children’s books wouldn’t, but Lindgren handles it well.  Since these books are aimed at an older reader than most of her writing, I think even today’s children could handle the scene of the murder without too much fuss.  The children process the event in very realistic and caring ways.

Eva-Lotta is one of the strongest females that Lindgren created, and the banter between the trio is flawless.  I found myself wishing there were another handful of Bergson books just so I could spend more time with these three.

My favorite of Bill’s thoughts: And a good thing too, that the summer vacation was so long.  About the cleverest invention ever, Bill considered.  Come to think of it, it was strange that grown-ups had hit upon the idea.  Actually to let you roam idly in the sunshine for two and a half months without having the bother your head a bit about the Thirty Years’ War and the rest of it!