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The Tomten


The Tomten is a winter story about a little troll who makes nightly visits around a farm.  A funny little creature, the troll is at worst benign and often helpful to the other citizens of the farm.

I’ve heard many numbers cited as to how many people in Iceland believe in elves – anywhere from 26 – 55%.  I’ve found fewer resources on Swedish inclinations.  Yet there is something very Scandinavian about The Tomten and the belief in creatures like him.  No wonder.  With such nice introductions to hidden folk, I’d want to believe in them too.

The book is based off a poem by Viktor Rydberg and was originally published in 1961.  It is illustrated by Harald Wiberg.

I can find no information about a translator.  I do not know if Astrid ever wrote in English, but no evidence of a translator is present in the copy of The Tomten that I read.

My favorite line: “If they would only wake up, then I could talk to them in tomten language, a silent little language children can understand.  But children sleep at night.”